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"I come from generations of military service that has instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of my community. I want to work for you. With nearly a decade of experience in urban and regional planning, I know what it takes to generate collaborative solutions and make our shared visions a reality. I’m asking for your support.”
Inclusive Economic Development

As an underestimated business owner, I am aware of the barriers in place and intimidation that is felt when trying to make our dreams a reality. I will work toward removing those barriers and creating a more inclusive business ecosystem.​

Affordable Housing

I will analyze and support policy/ funding options that look beyond subsidized housing and include measures that get people into safe and affordable housing that does not cost more than a third of their monthly income.   

Racial Equity & LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Our country and our communities are reeling from a global health pandemic that took precious lives and further exposed institutionalized forms of oppression for specific communities: BIPOC, Asian, Asian-American, Latino/a/x, LGBTQ+, Immigrant, and People with Disabilities, to name a few. I believe in the practice of ‘calling us in’, instead of ‘calling people out’, in order to address harmful policies while moving at the speed of trust and creating safer spaces for healing.  

Connectivity & Mobility

There are differences between urban and rural connectivity issues; however, they are similar in their impact- denying people the ability to earn a living wage, receive prompt medical care, and have access to healthy food. I will look at policies that get creative and further address how people, no matter where they live in this county, are connected to the resources they need to thrive.

Climate Resilience & COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 has exposed the widening gaps in our social safety net- gaps that have allowed entire communities to fall through the cracks. As an environmental and community planner who has engaged in creating more sustainable and resilient communities, I am invested in safeguarding our communities from the next derecho storm or global health pandemic. I will work toward creating a COVID-19 Recovery Plan that is focused on re-imagining and rebuilding a greener, safer, and more equitable county.

Join the diverse coalition of organizations and individuals who support V Fixmer-Oraiz for Johnson County Supervisor!


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