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I am so grateful to have the support of so many organizations and people who inspire and create change in our community and beyond. Here are endorsements I am thrilled to share with you!

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Current and Former Elected Officials

Megan Alter, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Iowa City

Laura Bergus, City Council Member, City of Iowa City

Sen. Joe Bolkcom

Sen. Bob and Sue Dvorsky

Charles Eastham, ICCSD Board

Meghann Foster, Mayor, City of Coralville

Lisa Green-Douglass, Board of Supervisors

Mitch Gross, Coralville Mayor Pro Tem

Jody & Shawn Harmsen, Iowa City Council

Pat Heiden, Board of Supervisors

Hai Huynh, Coralville City Council

Jean Lloyd Jones, former State Senator

Karen Kubby, former Iowa City Councilor

Janet Lyness, County Attorney

Royceann Porter, Board of Supervisors

Rod Sullivan, Board of Supervisors

Sen. Zach Wahls

"V is exactly the kind of leader we need now. I've seen firsthand how their work is centered around compassion, justice, and love for the community. I am thrilled to endorse V's election to the Board of Supervisors because they give me hope for our future."

--Meghann Foster, Mayor, City of Coralville

"I am thrilled to support V Fixmer-Oraiz for Johnson County Supervisor. V will lead with love and compassion. They will ensure the process and substance of local governance represents the full community. They have the experience and demeanor to lead us through whatever challenges lie ahead. "

--Laura Bergus, City Council Member, City of Iowa City

"When I first met V Fixmer-Oraiz, I was impressed with their positive and well-informed approach to local problems and needs. V’s background and current work in urban planning and environmental sustainability and their ability to work with people from many different cultures will make them a great asset on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors."

--Jean Lloyd Jones, Former Iowa State Senator

"Friends, I would like to express my support for V Fixmer-Oraiz in the Democratic Party primary election for the Johnson County Board of Supervisors. Having served with V on local community appointed commissions I believe they will bring thoughtfulness, courage, compassion and inclusiveness to County government. V makes decisions after listening and careful deliberation and their decisions are invariably informed, fair and just. Please join me in voting for V for this critical local public office."

--Charlie Eastham, ICCSD Board

Jean Lloyd Jones_edited.jpg

As V’s grandparents, we have known them for most of their life. We have seen V grow as a student, a business owner and a parent. Threaded through all of these roles are compassion, integrity and authenticity.
V is a focused listener.
V is a hard worker.
V is a tireless advocate for the under-represented.
Part of the V Fixmer-Oraiz campaign message sums up what V is about and the kind of leader they are. “Let’s build a community where everyone has what they need to thrive.”
For these reasons, we love our grandchild, V, deeply.
For these reasons, we enthusiastically endorse V for Johnson County Supervisor.
V will bring a unique perspective of public and community planning that have helped shape and clarify the issues facing many residents in Johnson County.
--John & Valerie Bowman, Iowa City

John and Val Bowman_edited.jpg

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to meld my work and passion alongside V’s energy and wisdom in economic development inclusivity initiatives, South District Neighborhood revitalization efforts, and recently through bringing more Restorative Justice Healing practices to our entire community.


Their integrity and ability to actively listen, collaborate, create and consistently carry out impactful action are rare qualities to find within any person. Johnson County is fortunate to have V running for office. They are the leader I will be voting for to continue creating and sustaining the change we seek throughout our community.
--Angie Jordan, Iowa City

IMG_7472 (1)_edited.jpg

We support V Fixmer-Oraiz because we believe they truly care about hearing the concerns our community has. V joins in the conversations about what can be done, makes a plan, and follows through with its improvements.

--Molly Quast, Owner of Fresh Feel Fade, Iowa City

Molly- Fresh Feel Fade_edited.jpg

This is my neighbor, Rick. He is one of the first people I met in Iowa City and I've known him for about a decade now. He made our family feel so welcome when we first moved here, and he is the type of neighbor who clears your sidewalk for you when you don't expect it (which is every time!). When the derecho storm hit, we were in constant communication, making sure that our families were safe. I feel so fortunate to have him and his family next door and here's what he had to say about me:

"My good friend and neighbor for the past decade is V Fixmer-Oraiz. V is running for a seat on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors. Most of you know that I’m not the kinda guy to get up on a soapbox. But, that changed this spring. I fully stand behind V and all that they stand for. "

--Rick Woodard, Iowa City Neighbor

Rick Woodard_edited.jpg


Justina Acevedo-Cross

Aubrey Alvarez

Ari Ariel

Matthew Arnold

Lesley Baird
Sara, Melissa, Liam and Mae Barron

Donald Baxter

Kristin Berger

Karmen Berger
John and Andrea Boller

Jeffrey Bowman

John and Val Bowman

Karma Chavez

Marsha Cheyney

Michelle Colpean
Jennifer DeLaCruz and Allison Bettine

Mary Dix

Lisa Edwards

Craig Esbeck

Samantha Ferm

Elizabeth Fielder

Daria Fisher Page

Dylan Fixmer

Lindsay Fixmer

Carson and Timothy Fixmer

Robert Fixmer

Andrew Fixmer

Nick Fixmer

Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz

Cat Fribley

Willow Fuchs

Cady Gerlach

Cathy Glasson

Naomi Greyser

Ingrid Gronstal

Peggy Hausler

Beverly Hayes

Mike Hensch

Cheryl Hetherington

Temple Hiatt

Mary High

Katalin Hotsenpiller

Emily Hunt

Kait Hutson

Greg Johnson
Jason and Angie Jordan

Jiyeon Kang

Elizabeth Kapp

Julie Kearney

Michelle Kenyon

Travis Kraus

Erin Krebs

Julie Kunkel

Ashley Kuse

Judith Leavitt

Elinor Levin

Jenilyn Lewis

Brenda Linley

Steve Long and Suzanne Bentler

Kembrew McLeod and Lynne Nugent

Erin McCormick

Scott McDonough

Jodi McLaren

Rachel McLaren

Laura McLeran
Sean and Colleen McRoberts

Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart

Craig Mosher

Patrick Muller

Lina Murillo and Guillermo Morales

Billie Murray

Nandakumar Narayanan

Gwendolyn Neumeister

Liz Newbury

Cecilia Norris

Candida Pagan

Clark Pellett

Phaedra C Pezzullo

James Pierce

Katharine Plate

Molly Quast

Mary Rasmussen

Becci Reedus

Kayleen Reeve

Kate Revaux

Julie Reynolds

Betsy Rippentrop

Jamie Robertson

Pat Ryan

Heather Sanderson

Tracy Jon Sargeant

Colleen Sarna

Josh Schamberger

Leslie Schwalm and Doris Stormoen

Aaron Seaman

Tara Shochet

David and Jenna Supp-Montgomerie

Elizabeth Swanson

Katrin Tiitsman

Tim Weitzel

Darrel Wanzer Serrano

Grover Wehman-Brown

Mike & Chris Weinard

Audrey Wiedemeier

Emily Winderman

Julia Wood

Adam Yack

James Young

William Young

Tracy Jon Sargeant and Angie Jordan_edited.jpg
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