V Fixmer-Oraiz

Democrat for Johnson County Supervisor
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 "We are at a critical moment for Johnson County. Let’s build a community where everyone has what they need to thrive." - VFO


June 8, 2022

V Fixmer-Oraiz wins Democratic Nomination for Johnson County Supervisor


From V:

I woke up feeling so grateful for the love and support that made my first time running for public office a life-changing experience. It has been a long 16 weeks (who’s counting?!) and I have had the privilege of getting to meet so many wonderful people in this county and beyond. Thank you to every single one of you who has contributed to this campaign. You made it all possible.

This is just the beginning,

Maraming Salamat!

May 11, 2022



A wide variety of organizations and individuals all agree on at least one thing: We need V Fixmer-Oraiz for Johnson County Supervisor!

Former and Current Elected Officials

Megan Alter, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Iowa City

Laura Bergus, City Council Member, City of Iowa City

Sen. Joe Bolkcom
JP Claussen, ICCSD Board

Sen. Bob and Sue Dvorsky

Charles Eastham, ICCSD Board

Meghann Foster, Mayor, City of Coralville

Lisa Green-Douglass, Board of Supervisors

Mitch Gross, Coralville Mayor Pro Tem

Jody & Shawn Harmsen, Iowa City Council

Pat Heiden, Board of Supervisors

Hai Huynh, Coralville City Council

Jean Lloyd Jones, former State Senator

Karen Kubby, former Iowa City Councilor

Janet Lyness, County Attorney
Ruthina Malone, ICCSD Board

Maka Pilcher Hayek, ICCSD Board

Royceann Porter, Board of Supervisors

Rod Sullivan, Board of Supervisors

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